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Batik online store sell various kinds of batik Indonesia. Several types of batik we sell such as batik painting, batik cloth, and others. You can choose the type of batik that suits your choice at a reasonable price. The following picture is an example of batik in our online store. Please visit our online batik shop. Happy shopping.

Indonesian batik fabric design have various patern suitable for clothes

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Find design Batik Indonesia Fabric at! Free shipping to anywhere and 30 day returns. You can make clothes or shirt with various paterns of our batik cloth. Please choose various batik fabric in our batik shop online.

Batik Painting

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Our choice of Batik Paintings art give quilters, texture specialists, and inside planners with a chance to consolidate an antiquated artistic expression with a contemporary utilize. Each Batik Painting Art is hand made exclusively utilizing 100% cotton material. Presently we have more than 700 collections of Batik Paintings Art in all styles, theme, colors, and sizes.

How to batik

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How to batik
Batik is an "oppose" process for making outlines on blank fabric. The craftsman utilizes wax to keep color from infiltrating the material, leaving "clear" regions in the colored fabric. The procedure, wax oppose then color, can be rehashed again and again to make complex diverse outlines.

The Art of Indonesian batik

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The art of Indonesian batik. Batik is an old workmanship that has been honed for a long time in southeast Asia. This perplexing coloring process makes excellent, many-sided plans that are exceptional to the district they originate from or recount a story

What is Batik ?

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What is Batik ?

Batik is both an art and a craft, which is becoming more popular and well known in the West as a wonderfully creative medium.