buy batik fabric painting

buy batik fabric painting buy batik fabric textile

Buy batik fabric painting

Our batik fabric painting and batik fabric textile collection is the best-selling product. You can frame our batik fabric paintings and display them on the wall of your house. For batik fabric textile you can make clothes, pillowcases, blankets, etc.

You can buy batik painting or batik textile in our online shop. We have more than 500 collections of batik fabric paintings and batik textiles with various themes, motifs and various colors.

If you buy batik painting or batik textile from us, we will send the batik that you have purchased using Pos Indonesia services and I will send the tracking number after ship. You will receive batik that you buy for about 10 to 20 days.

Thank you for visiting our online store.

buy batik fabric painting

Semar batik painting.

Buy brown batik textile.

Brown batik textile.

What is Batik ?

Batik Painting

What is Batik ?

Batik is both an art and a craft, which is becoming more popular and well known in the West as a wonderfully creative medium.

The Art of Indonesian batik

Indonesian Batik

The art of Indonesian batik. Batik is an old workmanship that has been honed for a long time in southeast Asia. This perplexing coloring process makes excellent, many-sided plans that are exceptional to the district they originate from or recount a story

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